Wisconsin Conducting Symposium

JUNE 9-15, 2019

Join MCP as a singer, conductor, or observer for a week ensconced in the art of choral music. Three ways to participate are outlined below.

MCP Winter 2014-29 copy.jpg


Up to seven conducting fellows will be selected for a week of masterclasses, podium time, discussion, observation, and lessons. ($350 tuition)


  • 2+ hours of podium time conducting the professional MCP chamber choir
  • Conduct MCP in concert
  • Professional audio recording of concert
  • 1-2 individual coaching(s) with Artistic Director Albert Pinsonneault
  • 4 Hours group instruction time 
MCP Spring 2016-30 copy.jpg


Sing with MCP this summer for a fantastic, week-long intensive concert project. ($50 dues to cover music and rehearsal venue)


  • Evening rehearsals alongside MCP, conducted by Artistic Director Albert Pinsonneault
  • Sharpen your ensemble skills and have a fun and educational week of choral singing!
  • Click "register" below for more information and schedule.
MCP Winter 2014-124 copy.jpg


Spend the week learning about choral conducting, blend, intonation, and rehearsal techniques. ($85 for full participation)


  • Sing in evening rehearsals with MCP, conducted by Artistic Director Albert Pinsonneault
  • Observe any / all of the daytime conducting masterclasses
  • Participate in group discussions / lectures alongside the conducting fellows
  • Click "register" for more information and schedule