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these individuals have donated between JANUARY 1, 2018 and Janary 8, 2019

( † = Original Founding donor)

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Leadership Circle ($1,000+)

Stephen Van Dahm †
Lynne & Roth Judd
Wayne & Ona Pinsonneault †
Wisconsin Arts Board

Maestro's Circle ($500-999)

Luke Doolittle
Linda & Dale Jorgenson
Thomas Neujahr
John & Sarah Schaffer
Orange & Dean Schroeder

Composer's Circle ($250-499)

Kathy & Joel Batha
Margaret Corbae
Deirdre Garton
Alan Fish & Susan Goodwin †
Jane & Robert Hamblen
Meghan & Dean Hessler

Singer's Circle ($100-249)

Charles Dyer & Debra Anken-Dyer
Patricia Ball
Martin & Kay Barrett
John Bohman
Thomas & Meredith Degen
David & Diane Garton Edie
Michael Hoke
Daniel Hueber
Lawrence & Elise Kay
Anne Keller
Harold Kruege
Betsy Teigland & Peter Narum †
Anna Henning & Christa Olson
Kathleen Otterson
Ken & Marianne Parker
Cheryl & Paul Rowe
Brienne Ruel
Brigid Ryan
Jen Streit
Frank & Chris Terhune
David & Ann Jarvella Wilson †
Darlene Zulauf

Friends of the Choir ($1-99)

Mark Begin
John & Liane Butitta
Bruce & Samantha Crownover
Constance Kilmark
Andrew & Samantha Klein
Nathan Krueger
Carolyn Kruse
Alice D'Alessia & Laird Marshall
Amy Marsman
Jennifer McFarland
Don & Mary Jo Mleziva
Cat & Jim Pippitt
KJ Rasmussen
Michael Ross
David Vandertie

Community Partners

Dane County Arts Commission



Wisconsin Public Radio


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